I GOT MY HAND CARDERS TODAY! Now I can finally start spinning! *dances in happiness*

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The Catlins by Will Ophuis Photos. on Flickr.


just gonna say this: if someone has social anxiety and they ask you something akin to ‘are you mad at me’ or ‘do you hate me’, it isn’t because they don’t trust you, it’s because their brain literally tells them that all the time

it’s not a personal slight, it’s insecurity caused by mental illness


Oh, dear, I read your last post and felt like I wanted to help somehow although I know that's really complicated (I've been there). Anyway, I send you a really big hug and my best wishes. If you ever need to talk with someone, please tell me, we can chat whenever you want :)

Oh my goodness, thank you! You probably know how much this means, and it makes me feel all warm inside! I feel slightly better now, although I still have to make those valls tomorrow…

Thanks again love, I’m so glad I have someone I can turn to *insert hug here*

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Does anyone else get really really really really anxious for no reason at all, and you can’t ask anyone for help because they are either going to ask what makes you anxious, or tell you that you have no reason to be anxious and both is equally scary and will only make things worse. So instead you just sit there and pretend not to be anxious but you are really about to start screaming and crying and just exploading… I’m seriously about to panic..

Also: longer rant underneath this read more. Potential trigger warnings (ED-thoughts, nightmares and ill health, mentions of body size)!


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The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed
Things better than a thigh gap




A bumimage
Good Showersimage
Confidence in dressesimage
Ice creamimage
Dem underwear daysimage
Having spare timeimage
Having ENERGYimage
But if you’re that desperateimage

This person literally has a thigh gap

Oh my Lord if one more person says this..

I wonder when people will learn enough anathomy to realize that standing with your legs apart will create a gap between them… Unless you are a mermaid… In which case you can’t even stand with your legs apart

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